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Retro; Gallery Ilayda Karaköy Harbour, 2012


Gallery Ilayda Karaköy Harbour is pleased to announce the solo sculpture exhibition “Retro” by Aysel Alver between November 16th and December 30 th.Aysel Alver focuses upon Retro” concept in her fourth solo exhibition. Alver, questions ‘Retro’ style within context of ‘Beauty-Ugliness’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘Trend’. Alver reinterprets exaggerative images and attitudes of seasonal burst in prominence magazines’ phenomenon, people with her very own style. And she emphasizes fictiveness and eclectically side of “fashion” context. This exaggerated images and attitudes are put forth within context of “Retro” style which is a postmodern attitude and nowadays a current issue. Figures, which exhibited draw attention to emphasize to the fictiveness of “retro” style and how past phenomenon can become a trend again and arbitrariness of progress of fashion and its behavior indexed to the consumption industry.Alver, unifies paper doll images and these fictive figures that can only be real in show business with her figures which are formed with paper mâché and finalized by collage technique. Figures which took place in the exhibition are models chosen from cosmetic, aesthetic and fashion world that constitute that artificial world. It is questioned the connection of the reality and these paper dolls’ “who are principal materials of advertisements and magazine world” molded bodies, mode shaped hairs, priority of their statues described by brands.They indicate an image that exists amongst “most”s by surpassing boundaries of identity and non-identity. These figures are coherent with current trends and are dominant main stream and styles which are determined by fashion trends with their stance, walking, sitting, talking and attitude.Exhibitions environ which sculptures gathered has nominative design. This venue set up built within scope of this design materializes a virtual space which determined by relation between sculptures. This series of art exhibition was held in Ankara at 2009 and 2010 with names Romans I and Romans II and was held in Wien at 2011. Fourth exhibition of the series “Retro” will meet with art lovers in Gallery Ilayda Karaköy Harbour between November 16th and December 30th.

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