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moulage;  2018, Mardin


Alver conceptualized this project as an act of”returning” between Mardin and Paris 

and focused on the socio-political and historical context reflecting on daily life practices of the city in which she lives.

The artist constructed this project on a space that is emptied as a result of migrations and social and cultural change. In this project, concept. In this context, during her time in Paris, she interviewed some families emigrated from Turkey forthemselves ‘Assyrian‘ and migrated from the region where she lived. different reasons at different times. Among these interviews, she focused on a family calling Alver aims to return the daily practices of a migrant family ‘house‘ now settled in Paris by means of a conceptual framework. To achieve this, she studies the sense of belonging which can be experienced with such a return through two different ki nds of spatiality (immigration and emigration) within the framework of the ‘‘tretuvar.

Alver drew attention to spatial practices belonging to lived space and affected the sensual dimension including many components. She carries these practices with a kind of modeling in a conceptual level.

this exhibition, a space of return is constructed with some references specific to the sensory practices of two different cultural processes. AlverIninterprets these two spatialities which she also experienced herself as if she was telling a tale.





























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