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Agony; Gallery Ilayda

Istanbul, 2014


Aysel Alver points to the concept of “agony” at her fifth solo exhibition. Alver uses this term, which is generally used in medicine and means “the moment before death”, to describe moral and ethical values in the historical process we live in.Alver, starting preparations for the “Agony” exhibition with the question “When and how does ethical corruption begin?” interprets this corruption process as an “agony” period of time in terms of human beings and their values. Alver describes the interrupted modernization and enlightenment process over unbalanced perception of humanism and deformed moral and ethical values.Alver states “Ideological structures or religious sanctions of governments and family structures had a great impact on the emergence of this process which can also be defined as corruption. Psychosexual development processes of individuals since their childhood being under pressure or intervened with and growing deprived of universal ethics accelerated the conditions for this process. It is required to give attention to personalities that might be called pathologic, emerging from the deformation of such kind of interventions which have become a social issue. Similarly, strengthening these sanctions in public and private areas in the upcoming processes deepens this distortion and wants the audience to experience the loss of these moral and ethical values she describes as an “agony” period of time through a psychoanalytic approach in the art pieces exhibited at the gallery.

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